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Pedro's Burro
by: Capucilli, Alyssa Satin

There are so many burros! How will Pedro and Papa find one that is just right? A shared "My First" reading book. One of several titles in the I Can Read Book series. 32 illustrated pages. Ages 3-6.
c. 2007, S/C...$3.99

Pequena The Burro
by: Jami Parkison
Despite her feeling that she is only a burro, Pequena is able to live up to the noble heritage of her ancestors who helped build Mexico. Pequena will introduce children to the heritage of the burro and of Mexico and spark their curiosity about the "gold and silver shoes" of their own heritage. Color illustrations. 30 pgs. Ages 4-8.
Size: 9" x 12"
c.1994, H/C...$16.95

Prunes and Rupe
by: Griffin, Lydia

Prospector Rupert M. Sherwood and his burro, Prunes, are best friends. They go together like salt and pepper. When Rupe asks his neighbors to help look after Prunes, an unlikely friendship blossoms between people of the town and the remarkable prune-colored burro.Based on true events, Prunes and Rupe is a story of friendship, love, and flapjacks. Beautiful color illustrations. Ages 7-10. 32 pgs.
c. 2007, H/C... $16.00

Ruby The Christmas Donkey
by: Mirabel Cecil
Ruby and Scarlett are two donkeys who spend their summers giving rides to children on the beach. Now Ruby has grown old, and when winter comes she can no longer ward off the cold. How can the other animals - already growing their winter coats and preparing to hibernate - help their friend to stay warm as Christmas approaches. Cute color illustrations. 26 pgs. Ages 4-8.
Size: 9½" x 7"
c. 1980, S/C... $3.99

Saint Francis & The Christmas Donkey
by: Byrd, Robert
St. Francis answers the donkey's questions as to why they have always been the beast of burden. He explains the donkey's marvelous origins, explains his high-spirited, even recklass ways, and teaches the donkey the power of who he really is. Delightfully illustrated. 34 pgs. Ages 5-8.
c. 2000, H/C...$17.95

SaMule: The Worthless White Mule
by: Schmid, Diana J

This is a true story. I had long searched for a young, white mule to raise and train and was expecting to find one around six months old. When I did finally find one he was a newborn and being sold along with his mother. They were consigned to a Fox Trotter sale that was coming up in a couple weeks. I was not interested in the mare and did not attend the sale. Little did I know, the owner had decided her baby was a worthless, white mule and may hinder her sale. He left the little, three week old mule to fend for himself, alone on pasture, and sold the mare. As soon as I found out his plight I raced over there and paid a steep price to rescue a weak and starving, six week old, orphan mule. Years later, wanting SaMule to get the best in training, I thought I had found a top notch trainer in Kentucky. I had even taken a trip there to see his facility and meet his staff. I was so excited about the prospect of finally being able to ride my dream mule. I had done all his ground work and knew he was ready for a real education. I was thrilled the day they picked him up and he was headed for Mule School. Five months later he was returned to me nearly starved to death and covered with welts and wounds. Once again I had paid a steep price… and so had SaMule. Is he worthless? I think not! SaMule has proven himself to be kind, brave, determined, and forgiving. Color photos. 21 pgs.
c. 2009, S/C... $12.49

Santa Claus & the Molokai Mules
by: Garcia, Jeffrey

This magical tale chronicles the adventures of Kala, a young boy who learns to surf on the island of Molokai. Since his father's surfboard is way too big for him, Kala asks Santa Claus to bring him a special red surfboard for Christmas. How can Kala and his mule, Leap, save Christmas for Hawaii as the storm of the century approaches? Rich in relationahips and Hawaiian culture, this work is enlivened by charming, world-class watercolor on canvas illustrations. 30 pages
c. 2010, H/C... $17.95

Scruffy the Miniature Donkey
by: Gwin, Pam

True story book that tells the tale of Scuffy and how he came to live at the zoo. Full color. 12 pgs. Ages 6-9.
c. 2009, (pamphlet size), S/C.. $6.99

Silver Donkey
by: Hartnett, Sonya
Illustrated by: Powers, Don

From extraordinary novelist Sonya Hartnett comes a gently told fable of a lost soldier, heroic children, and a steadfast donkey. One morning in the woods of World War I France, two young sisters stumble upon an astonishing find - a soldier, temporarily blinded by war, who has walked away from battle longing to see his gravely ill younger brother. Soon the care of the soldier becomes the girls' preoccupation, but it's not just the secret they share that emboldens them to steal food and other comforting items for the man. They are fascinated by what he holds in his hand — a tiny silver donkey. Illustrated. 266 pgs. Ages 10 & up.
c. 2006, H/C...$15.99

Singing Donkey
by: Robinson, Shirley

Rumors, rumors, rumors. Weve all heard them and have even believed them. The Singing Donkey brings to life colorful animal characters that will warm your heart with their lively wit and bring joy to your soul as the main character, Donkey, triumphs over negativity. This is an eLIVE book, meaning each printed copy contains a special code redeemable for the free download of the audio version of the book. 28 pgs. Ages 4-8.
c. 2009, S/C...$9.99

Small One
by: Walsh, Alex

Story of a young boy who has to sell his loved donkey to Mary & Joseph.Color illustrations. Ages 5-8.
c. 1995, H/C...$12.95

Small War of Sergeant Donkey
by: Maureen Daly
Fictional story of Chico, his brother, two sisters and John Price - an American officer, in World War II in Italy. Their friendship includes a mutual affection for a brave little donkey, recovering from a bullet wound. Now, John is in danger, and Chico and "Sergeant Donkey" must try to help. 87 pgs. Ages 10 & up.
c.1966, reprinted 2000, P/B...$11.95

Story of a Donkey
by: De Segur, Madame La Comtesse & Willard, J.H.

In this book a donkey tells the story of his life and adventures, because, as he says: I want you to treat all of us donkeys kindly, and to remember that we are often much more sensible than some human beings. A charming, whitty childern's story. 40 illustrations. Ages 12 and up. 130 pgs.
Size: 6" x 9"
c. Reprint of original 1903 book, S/C...$20.95

Story Of Blackie & Beauty
by: Svendsen, Elisabeth
, founder of the Donkey Sanctuary in England
True story of how Elisabeth Svendsen has tried to help protect the donkeys in Spain from a cruel tradition that may hurt donkeys on Shrove Tuesday. Color photos & illustrations. 39 pgs. Ages 10 & up.
Size: 6" x 8½"
c. 1992, S/C...$6.50
Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limted
Condition: Brand New

Story Of Dusty, The Little Ethopian Donkey
by: Svendsen, Elisabeth, founder of the Donkey Sanctuary in England
The first book in a series based on fact in overseas countries. Dusty is a mischievous young donkey; every day she and her owner, a seven-year-old Ethiopian boy, make the journey to the local watering hole. One day he falls asleep when he should be keeping an eye on the donkeys. Dusty decides to go for a padlle but this leads her into an adventure she had not bargained for. Color illustrations. 32 pgs. Ages 8 & up.
Size: 8½" x 6"
Each copy of this book purchased in English will enable a free copy in Amharic (the language used by the majority in Ethiopia) to be sent to a school there.
c.1996, H/C...$14.95

Story Of Eeyore, Naughtiest Donkey In The Sanctuary
by: Svendsen, Elisabeth, founder of the Donkey Sanctuary in England
Smartie, Eeyore's mother was one of the first donkeys to come to the Donkey Sanctuary located in England. This is the true story of Eeyore, who was the naughtiest donkey in the Sanctuary. Cute illustrations! A good book for adults as well as children. B/W illustrations. 36 pgs. Ages 8 & up.
Size: 5¾" x 8¼"
c.1997, 6th Ed, S/C...$6.00

Story Of Joe, The Donkey Who Flew To Jamaica
by: Svendsen, Elisabeth, founder of the Donkey Sanctuary in England
The second book in a series based on fact in overseas countries. Joe lives on a small Caribbean island called Grand Turk, where he runs wild, and finding food and particularly water is a problem. He and his friends become so desperate that they raid the water tanks of the villagers, who get very cross with them. The solution to the problem is an unusual one for a donkey, which usually remains with all four feet on the ground. Color illustrations. 30 pgs. Ages 8 & up.
Size: 8½" x 6"
Each copy of this book purchased will enable a free copy to be sent to a school in Jamaica.
c.1997, H/C...$14.95

Story Of Pepe, The Donkey Who Went To Market
by: Svendsen, Elisabeth, founder of the Donkey Sanctuary in England
The third book in a series based on fact in overseas countries. Pepe and Petra are two donkeys living in Mexico. Miguel and Trini the children who look after them. One day, when Miguel takes Pepe to market, he has an experience that is to improve all their lives. Color illustrations. 32 pgs. Ages 8 & up.
Size: 8½" x 6"
c.1998, H/C... $14.95

Stuart The Donkey - A Tale of His Tail
by: Hipp, Diane

Young Stuart watches with his mother as the mule colts all play with each other. He is too shy to go play with them because he looks different. Through forest friends and his mother, Stuart is told that he is different, he is a donkey and they are mules. Then Stuart's mother tells him that donkeys are wonderful in their own right. They were loyal to the prospectors, they are a special animal on the farm and they even have a game named after them! Stuart realized he was special, just the way he is!! 50 pages
c. 2010, S/C... $21.99

Suzy Mule (Let's Read Together)
by: deRubertis, Barbara

A Let's Read Together book with fun activities. Suzy Mule has the flu. When Bruce the Goose stops by on his way south, Suzy gets an idea. And her life will never be the same! 32 pages, color illustrations. Ages 5-7.
c. 1997, S/C... $5.95

Sylvester & The Magic Pebble
by: William Steig
Sylvester the donkey has a hobby of collecting pebbles. One day he finds a magic pebble. Whatever he wishes comes true. Color illustrations. 32 pgs. Ages 4-8.
Size: 8½" x 11"
c.1989, S/C...$5.95

Tale of Naughty Mal
by: Svendsen, Elisabeth, founder of the Donkey Sanctuary in England
Beautifully illustrated book with 5 donkey stories based on actual donkeys at the Donkey Sanctuary in England. "The Tale of Naughty Mal", "Eeyore Meets a Giant!", "More Adventures of Eeyore", "The Story of Jacko the Hurricane Donkey", and "The Champion Donkeys".
Eeyore used to be the naughtiest donkey in the Sanctuary... until Mal came along. Even when he had just been born, Mal kicked up his heels and then discovered he could undo shoe laces. That was fun. But escaping was the best fun of all. These 5 stories feature mischief-makers Eeyore & Mal, as well as Jacko, the donkey who survived a hurricane, and Sam and Dobby who were given a special task. All are wonderful and true stories of real donkeys at the Donkey Sanctuary in Devon, England and of donkeys the author has met throughout the world. Great Color & B/W Illustrations. 80 pgs. Ages 8 & up.
Size: 8½" x 10"
c.1994, H/C...$17.95

Teach a Donkey to Fish
by: Smith, Scott & Andrea

Goppy (an elephant) and Libby (a donkey) are best friends. But when Libby needs money for a new backpack, Goppy decides to teach her a valuable lesson about responsibility and frugality. He shows her how to earn her own money, and together they learn the joy of honest work and financial independence. 24 pages, color illustrations. Ages 4 & up.
c. 2009, S/C... $8.99

That's Not My Donkey....
by: Watt, Fiona

This board book shows a mouse going from donkey to donkey to find his. Each donkey that isn't his has some sort of specific difference. With bright pictures and patches of different textures, this book is designed to develop sensory and language awareness in young children. 10 pages. Ages 2-4.
c. 2010, Board Book... $8.99

Tiny Titch Saves The Day
by: Elisabeth Svendsen, founder of the Donkey Sanctuary in England
A true story about a donkey named Tiny Titch and his friend, So Shy, who were brought to the Donkey Sanctuary and saved from a life of ill treatment. But Tiny Titch just cannot resist being naughty. His weakness for sticky cakes leads him into a scrape, but he ends up a hero. Cute color & B/W illustrations. A good book for adults or children. 32 pgs. Ages 8 & up.
Size: 5¾" x 8¼"
c.2000, S/C...$7.95

Tuesday in Arizona
by: Harris, Marian

A down-trodden miner and his pack rat companion show that perseverance conquers all and that attitude is everything, in this pun-filled picture book. Ages 5-7. 32 pgs.
c. 1998, H/C... $16.99

Tuppy: Or The Autobiography of a Donkey (1860)
by: Burrows, E

Reprint of a book originally published in 1860. The story of a donkeys life, as told by the donkey itself. 100 pages, 4 illustrations. Ages 12 & up.
c. 2010 reprint, originally published 1860, S/C...$19.95

Two Donkeys & A Bridge
by: Steadman, Ralph

Two boys & their donkeys live on opposite sides of a river. They convince their villages to build a bridge across the river. Then what happens?! Color illustrations. 30 pgs. Ages 4-7.
c. 1983, H/C...$13.95
Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: New

Two Donkeys on the Farm
by: Papa Al

Grandfather buys two donkeys for his grandchildren as a surprise. The other farm animals have to decide first what the donkeys are. Then the grandchildren are in for a big surprise. 28 pages, crayon type drawings
c. 2007, S/C... $21.99

Volcano Adventures of Keikilani: The Kona Nightingale
by: Jackson, Kimberly A.

Follow Keikilani, the singing donkey, as she travels to Volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. She visits the town of Volcano where she meets a new friend, kana. Together they ask Madame pele, the goddess of the volcano, to help solve a problem. Color illustrations. 32 pgs. Ages 4-8.
c. 2009, H/C... $8.95

When Donkeys Fly
by: Schoberl, Elisabeth
Illustrated by: Basdstuber, Martina

Fred dreams of flying but the other animals just laugh. Whoever heard of a flying donkey, that's impossible! they say. But Fred believes that anything is possible, if you just believe. With convictionand a little help from his friendsone of Freds dreams comes true. Cute full page color illustrations. Ages 4-8. 32 pgs.
c. 2005, H/C...$15.95

Where Is Simon, Sandy?
by: Seim, Donna
Illustrated by: Spellman, Susan
The story of a little donkey that wouldn't quit - based on a true story. This book is dedicated to the children of the Turks & Caicos Islands. All proceeds will be donated to The Children's Programme of the Turks & Caicos National Museum. On an island called Grand Turk lived an old man named Simon & his donkey Sandy. They delivered water to the villagers everyday. But one day Simon wasn't able to deliver the water. Delightful color illustrations on every page. Includes a page of fun facts about donkeys. 34pgs. Ages 4-8.
c. 2008, Signed by author, H/C...$19.95

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