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A Beginner's Guide to Keeping Frogs & Lizards
by: Keeling, C. H.

What are lizards & frogs, pre-purchase thoughts, housing, health, species. 46 pgs.
c.1986, S/C...$8.00

Cane Toads: An Unnatural History
by: Lewis, Stephanie

An amusing (if ecologically chilling) look at this invasive species, brought to Australia as a biological control in 1935 in an attempt to rid the country of the Greyback beetle, which was destroying the sugarcane crop - run amuck since then. History, habits and human attempts at coping (including recipes!!). 102 pgs.
c. 1989, S/C...$12.95
Used, Out-Of-Print, Rare, Quantities Limited
Condition: Brand New

Fantastic Frogs
by: Walls, Jerry

Is the first book emphasizing the variety of captive-bred frogs now available to the average hobbyist-the poison frogs, horned frogs, White's Tree frogs, clawed frogs, Red-eyed Tree frogs, African Bullfrogs, and the numerous other types you can find at your local petshop and even try to breed at home. Each type is covered with full details of keeping, feeding, and breeding, allowing you to enjoy your healthy, happy pet for years. Beautifully illustrated. 102 pgs
c. 1995, H/C... $22.95

Frogs & Toads As Pets
by: Axelrod, Herbert

Chapters on: What are frogs & toads, toads as pets, what are tadpoles, about frogs, frogs that live in trees, how to keep frogs & toads, feeding adults & feeding tadpoles. B/W photos. 18 pgs.
c. 1958, S/C, Booklet...$5.00
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited

Frogs & Toads: An Owner's Guide To A Happy Healthy Pet
by: Grenard, Steve

Happy, Healthy Pet guides focus on different kinds of pets, the emphasis remains on making the pet a companion. In addition, owners of more unusual pets will particularly appreciate the expert advice in these books because professional care for their animals may be difficult to come by. As always, the instruction is from experts. Chapters: what are frogs & toads?, anatomy, in the wild, choosing, feeding, housing, health, species & a list of resources. Color photos. 126 pgs.
c. 2001, H/C...$12.95

Frogs: A Wildlife Handbook (Johnson Nature Series)
by: Long, Kim

Topics covered include: full-color identification of all 66 species with permanent breeding status in North America, including treefrogs, chorus frogs, and exotic species introduced from other areas. Other topics include anatomy, favorite foods, reproduction, advertisement calls, feeding habits, preferred habitats, predation, natural range, vision, hearing & locomotion. B/W & Color illustrations. 182 pgs.
c. 1999, S/C...$15.95

Frogs, Toads & Treefrogs: A Complete Pet Owner's Manual
by: Bartlett, R.D.

This manual includes detailed instructions for maintaining a proper terrarium, taking preventative measures against parasites and disease, ensuring a healthful diet for your amphibians, profiles of popular species, with a special chapter on understanding frogs, toads & treefrogs. Color photos. 104 pgs.
c.1996, S/C...$6.95

General Care & Maintenance of White's Tree Frogs
by: DeVosjoli, Philippe

Housing, maintenance, feeding, diseases, breeding, species.
c.1990, Booklet...$6.00

Harlequin Frogs: A Complete Guide
by: Heselhaus, Ralf & Schmidt, Matthias

This guide discusses Harlequins in nature, Atelopus in the aquarium, and Harlequin Frog species. Illustrated with spectacular, full-color photographs. 64 pgs.
c. 1994, S/C...$9.95

Horned Toads As Pets
by: Ragland, Kay & Van Der Meid, Louise Brown

Chapters on: Description, housing, proper lighting, setting up the terrarium, feeding, tricks, general recommedations. B/W photos. 16 pgs.
c. 1961, S/C, Booklet...$5.00
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited

Identifying Frogs & Toads
by: Preston-Mafham, Ken

The new compact study guide & identifier. Describes 100 species from around the world, with symbols giving at-a-glance information on location, activity, habitat, and rarity. Color photos of every frog & toad described in the book. 80 pgs.
c. 1999, H/C...$12.95

Keeping Poison Frogs
by: Walls, Jerry

What is a poison frog?, the frog's life, basic terrarium design, foods, problems, types of poison frogs. Color illustrations. 63 pgs.
c. 1994, S/C...$9.95
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Fair

What Every Gardener Should Know About Earthworms
by: Hopp, Dr. Henry
All about raising earthworms. 32 pgs.
c. 1978, Booklet...$2.95

World Of The Frog & The Toad
by: Porter, George

Photographs, keeping in captivity, species, from incubation to maturity.
c. 1967, H/C, Autographed...$25.00
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited

Worms Eat My Garbage
by: Appelhof, Mary

How to set up and maintain a worm composting system. You will learn how to recycle kitchen food waste, save energy, produce fertilizer for house and garden plants, grow fishing worms, and reduce waste disposal costs. Illustrations. 100 pgs.
c. 1982, S/C...$6.50



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